Escape from Darness of war, part 9

Escape from the darkness of war. 9

There was not morning and the sunshine did not lightened that part of earth with its golden lights and its glorious warmth, a man on a horse was riding to the city and he was a man in the German uniform, a handsome man with a nice face, the sound of the feet of horse were heard and broke the silence of the early morning. The stones of the streets which were half in sleep were crying under the hits of the feet of the horse. The horse runs forward and took his master with him. They reached the morning light and the man saw a black clothe on the floor and so hardly he stopped the horse; the horse did not expect such an unfriendly stop from his master, so he stopped immediately. He came down and he was a tall blond man, as the ones Hitler admired. A gun was with him; he took off the black clothes and carefully looked down to see what is under it. It was Clara the sister of colonel and his friend. In the same time he heard a voice told him, bring your hands up, if you do not I shoot in your brain. He brought his both hand very fast up. After a while a man half drunk came close to him. The man who was riding with the horse sprang quickly at him; it was very fast and dangerous action, so few shoot has came out of the drunk man out, but none of them hit the man with the horse. The horse runs away for some minutes, but he came back to his master soon. He was the same soldier brought Clara there. They attacked each other, Karl Otto was fast and very well trained, but the soldier was big and strong, too. He was half drunk and Karl Otto was fine. The soldier thought that he wants to kill the woman, so he attacked him. The soldier has to bring the Clara there, but he did like her and wanted to protect her. The soldier was strong and big, but Karl Otto hits him with his hand and soon he was lay down on the floor of the street.

The soldier bits a few places of Karl Otto’s body. And he hits mostly on his head with his hands. The soldier move again and this time Karl Otto hits him again on his head very hard, so he looked like a dead man now.

One day Clara was going to buy some materials, but the bags was tears off and the materials were spread on the street. Wilhelm and his friends were there and hurried to help her, she felt down on the street, too. They helped her to stand up and helped her to gather them. Clara was happy that day as she had a plan to perform. With delay she said to her people to prepare a party and invited a lot of German officers and soldiers to her party. She did this type of parties many times, so the German knows her.

Karl Otto helped Clara to sit on the horse and again he went back to the soldier and hits him this time with his foot hardly again. In the time that Karl Otto came back saw the commandant is still walking in his room, he was very angry and thought the Karl Otto is betray him. He wanted to see him earlier, but because he was out of the city; he came late. So he was very negative about Karl Otto. So as, he saw him, he started to hit him with his hands and he cried very loud, too. Karl Otto tried to release himself, but the commandant was huge and he could barely release himself from his actions. He asked and cried so loud that one of the especial soldier next to him runs into his room. He was surprised as he saw he is hitting Karl Otto one of his close personnel. The commandant cried takes him to jail. He came him and guided him to the jail. That day Karl Otto went out of the city for some fun and in the time he was coming back he saw the Clara and he took her with him and let her in his room and ran to the commandant. In reality , Karl was happy that night, as now he did not forced to like the commandant any more and he could be against him morally, he thought before that because he is the boss, he should respect him and obey him, but after that night ; it was clear for him that the commandant is an idiot, he kills and bits the people who are innocent and did not do anything wrong. Now he wanted to help seriously Clara to revenge her husband the commandant. He also reported to the brother of Clara the situation.

Colonel has a command and he should attack that night the French soldiers and partisans. Herr Fritch gave him enough equipments and soldiers for this attack. Colonel went before he starts the attack to the grave of his soldier’s friend who has been killed, because of him. A very old rifle was buried with him. He cried very bitterly on his grave. The soldier who brought Karl Otto to the jail was one of their friends also. They cooperate with each other very closely and they were a good team. Against the general, but they did not show this to general at all and general thought they are all under his command totally. Now Karl Otto was very angry about the general also and was eager to destroy him like Clara. He was very close to general and did a lot of good work for him, but he bits him and for this reason he was angry. After a while that Karl Otto was released by the soldier, he went to Clara and asked Clara to leave the place and continue her plan to gather German soldiers in her huge house or bars. But Clara had now another plan, and spoke about the plan with him.

Colonel was speaking with general about the attack; colonel noticed that the soldier out side is one of the Karl Otto’s soldiers. And he saw the situation is not normal. They were speaking with each other, and suddenly a woman with a big knife hurried in and very fast went and approached the general and hit with the knife his forehead. He cried from the pain, the woman brought her hand up again to hit for the second time, but colonel hold her hand in the air and rescues the life of general. The world was dark for the general. The colonel hits the woman. And she felt down on the floor. She changed herself so the brother could not recognize her immediately. The colonel has no time to think properly or to see around him properly and according to the plan, the soldier came and took the woman with him out. One of the soldier who was general side attacked colonel as he thought he hits general. But colonel who was a very well trained soldier, hits him with his foot in his mouth and he felt down. He wanted to attack again, and the colonel told him that general was attacked by a woman with a knife and he helped the general not to get the second hit. As he saw the clean hands of the colonel and he understood, the attacker was a woman and not the colonel. He apologized, salutes colonel and left the room. Soon general commanded that the Karl Otto should go again in jail, as one of his soldiers could not work properly and did not act fast. Now the Karl Otto was in a bad shape and he lost his weight and was like a flower without having water for a while. The war makes him tired also and to have a mad commandant makes him more tired. He wanted like millions of other people flee from the darkness of war and live in peace and unity. He wanted to flee from darkness, and hate of war produces and reach the light of love.

General was now suspicious about colonel and Karl Otto. As colonel noticed the special soldiers are looking at him very carefully and control him almost obviously. He was going out of his quarter and a soldier stopped him, and said you cannot go out, but the colonel bits him and continue to go with Wilhelm and other soldiers. General was also angry of his actions. Clara was in prison, but she asked the prisoner inside and cheated him and gave him some sleeping syrups and after he slept, she was trying to run away. But the soldier was not quite asleep. He catches her clothes and asked to stay. He wants love and sex from her. And she wanted to run away. He was asking bitterly her for love and she wanted to flee. He wants her help to be free form the sex, which was killing him and the medicine of his pain was with her. His medicine was now between her legs. He did not see a woman for a very long time and force of sexual desire was killing him. Pain and desire of sex intercourse together with love and speaking with a woman and kissing and touching a woman makes the man crazy. Now he sees the good medicine for his pain and for his desires, but she wanted to run. Clara started to hit the man, but he instead of giving back her hits or defend himself, says with a very bitterly voice, please help me I need you, I need your love. My spirit and soul is destroying in this war. I did not touch a woman hand for a very long time. Please, let me to touch you , to press you, to kiss you and to suck you. I love you and I will die for you. After I did my action, you can kill me, I will not defend myself at all. You can kill me; you can cut me head, my … everything you like. But I need you. I need sex and love badly. Please, try to understand me. I had no sex and no love for a long time. Every time that my desire will kill I and I satisfy myself with my hand, after that I have a lot of pain everywhere. I have head ach, pain in my back. Please try to understand me. You have the materials that I need badly and I am asking you to let me use it. Clara hits again with her leg, but he started to kiss her leg and touch it. She slapped in his face, but he did kiss again her hands. Clara feels now very sorry for him. She was not a prostitute, but a lot of them worked under her control. Now the man asked her so bitterly for love and sex. He put his own proud under his feet and asking so bitterly. The pity and sorrow moved in Clara’s mind. He was not so bad. General was such a cruel man and she slept with him.

Did she really love him, she asked herself. Why she let him use her body. Why because he was rich? Powerful? Nice? No, nice he was seldom. Strong or sexy , he was but cruel and mean also. O yes he was, but he bits me and now I tried to kill him and I wish to kill him, he put me in jail, but this man just asking my love and I am cruel to him, why because he is not rich or powerful?

Clara laughed to the man and said, Okay, come to me you can kiss me. After that let me go. He said O, yes even if they shoot me dead why I let you go, I let you go. The man came to her, he afraid to kiss her lips, so he started to kiss her shoulder and her face first. First she was quite and cold and like a statue, but as the soldier continues to kiss her with his hot lips, she feels also good and a wave of love was starting to move her body. The soldier came to her lips, and Clara did not reject. She let him kisses her lip, but she did not kissed back only after a time, she moved her lips away from his kissing, may be she started to love him, too and she did not want that. She tried to let him to use her, because she was now very sorry about the man who was so hungry about love and sex.

Now a man almost in the same condition wants love and sex from her, but not with force. She could not kiss him with love, but she let him kiss her. He started now to suck her lips and her tongue. She did not reject, but also she did not showed interest. He was upset as she did not answer his love, but he thought the time that he dreamed for lips of a woman, to kiss and the body of a woman to touch. Now he had these. The body and the lips were there and the master of them did not reject. He sucked for a while her lips, and Clara pushed him back and he started again. She let him kiss them, but after a while she did not want it, but the man wanted and started again. She may be liked the situation, but she did not love it. He started to touch her bottom and pushed his leg against her leg. He wanted to touch her breasts specially its nipples, he wanted to take the nipples between his fingers and press them, but this time she rejected. She touched with her leg, between his legs; his penis was big and hard. But she did not continue to press the penis and he did not like it, too. After a while, she said, Ok. You kissed me and touched me enough now let me go. He said bit me so hardly that I cannot move or get unconscious than you go. She did very unwillingly the soldier as he was full of blood and could barely move, and she left the prison. Now she was free and could see the light of moon. The colonel was in bed, but his situation was very strange also. The suspicion of general makes him very nervous. He does not know what he shall do. He was like prison; only his feet were free and did not have a rope on them. He stands up wears his uniform and looked out of the window. His soldier was sleeping in one side in the standing position. He was in a lose position and he hold his rifle like a wooden rifle in his hands. He may was missing his family and din not want to be in a different country as occupation forces. Colonel came to him and took his rifle very fast from his hands. Soldier looked at him and saluted the colonel. The colonel saw somebody is going out side the campus.

The colonel wanted just to have fun and walk around, but now he was going after something else. And the soldier told nothing to the colonel, because he afraid of him and of general both. So he decided to be quite. Now colonel was going after the person who was trying to go out of the camp. The colonel started to go faster and soon reached the person. He knew the woman, she was the same woman who injured the general. Now the general was in bed and was injured and Clara was going out. He tried to cry and get help, but Clara kept his mouth shut with her both hands. His voice was dead in his throat. And she amazed from her boldness action. The colonel hits her with his hand. And they were fighting together, but soon they recognized each other and first colonel said very calm. Clara and she knew now her brother, her beloved brother who was against her, because of the crazy war. They hugged each other for a while and cried bitterly for the condition they had. This was a nice situation under the light of the moon. The moonlight spread the place so they could see each other much better than before and it was a nice situation after so many years, the brother and sister saw each other. They did not know even they are alive or not. Now Clara had a support and he could help her a lot. She put her head on his breast and was so happy to have her nice brother again in her life. The cruel war did such a distance between them and cruelly divided them from each other. The nice breath of Clara hit the face of brother and her breasts were going up and down very fast, as she was now very happy. Their tears after so many years were mixing with each other. Clara went to her brother house and they spoke so much with each other after so many years and the four eyes of them cried so much that at the end they get light and happy. Now colonel wanted also to take revenge of general. The love and the pure love of brother and sister connected them firmly together again. The biggest love which is connected with sex , can fade one day. But the love between brother and sister or mother, father and children is for ever, even it could be destroyed by some condition.

The colonel knows if they take revenge of general the army will suffer also. And as a good soldier, he did not want the army of Germany be suffered because of their personal revenge. Both of them plus Karl Otto the lover of his sister and a lot of their friend hated general, but by destroying general, the army or their campus will suffer. He dose not know what can he do, between the love of country or army and love of his proud ness and his sister ; he did not know which one he should choose or which one is now more important. He fight with himself for a long time and he thought OK. General is a bad man a cruel man and he destroy the life of many people of his and is unfriendly and not nice to him and his friend and wanted even to kill his sister. He was impolite and cruel to him also. He is rude and play boy and misuse the women and girl a lot. But also he is managing the army and or his section very good and he won in a lot of battles. Any way after a while, the love for army won and he does not want to take revenge of general any more, at least not now. Many people have suffered because of this war. Many people should leave their house and their friends and go in other countries or other places to have peace. Millions of Jew lost their life and they should go to other places to be safe. Many people flee from the darkness of this war. Many people lost their wealth and families also. German or non German have died and went to disaster, because of war. . He thought the war is stupid and brings only disasters for a lot of people, but also wealth and proud ness, money and power for some people. Some people have benefits of war and some people lose everything they have. Like religions, some people get money huge respect and wealth form of religions. And some people lose everything they have because of the same religions. They lose also their lives, children, family, money and jobs , education because of religions, and some people have a lot of benefits just because of religion. Religions, nationalities and races is just like businesses, it brings for some people everything and takes from other people also everything they have. It has positive benefits for some people and very negative people for other people. It is not fair? Or is it?

Section 10 of flee from darkness.

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