Body bags for Americans

In reacting to the new American nuclear doctrine pointedly including IRR and N. Korea in a nuclear retaliatory response, the Armed Forces Chief of Staff of Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) Major General Hassan Firouzabadi has issued a blanket threat against all American forces in the entire ME region.

The Major General said:

“If the US seriously threatens Iran and takes an action against Iran, none of the US soldiers in the region will return to America alive.”

On a side issue the Rapist Major General described U.S. President as a “black-skinned from the downtrodden class with East Asian roots who does not harbor an iota of kind feelings for human beings.”

The efficacy of the Islamist trash-talk and bellicose threat aside, it seems the Major General has a more potent threat at home in the form of Iranian people to worry about. Situation is so dire that even a two term avowed Islamist Prime Minister of IRR who is moonlighting these days as a purported opposition leader has just said:

“The issue of lying has become our main concern and people have an objection towards it,” Mousavi said. “It has created mistrust amongst people towards the very base of this troublesome system and [has created doubts] towards their beliefs. Ethical issues, foreign policy, widespread corruption, etc, these have all created a sense of mistrust towards authorities and the state.”

Before the nuke acquiring IRR imposes a devastating war on Iran and the entire region the sane world has to head it off. It is time to impose airtight sanctions and simultaneously help enslaved Iranian people with material support to overthrow the entire IRR gang. Time for pussyfooting has long past.

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