Been to Iran

In almost any hot political exchange going nowhere the question would invariably be asked, at times sarcastically, in other times accusatorily, but it will be asked nonetheless-when was the last time you were in Iran?

After labeling any detractor of their regime who dares to raise her/his voice as a non-Iranian does not pan out, the lovely pro-IRR, Islamist Rapist Republic folks including Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies use the question as their trump card. When was the last time you were in Iran?

The question is meant to denote the detractor is out of touch with facts on the ground and “things are not as bad as biased foreign media make it out to be”. It doesn’t even matter how many IRR provided statistic indicative of the horrendous state of affair is rattled off, the question remains,  When was the last time you were in Iran?

Well lovelies and other concerned ones, believe it or not there are those, actually one could dare to say overwhelming majority in diaspora, who have never left Iran.  

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