Sanctions is IRI’s best friend! Cannot survive without it!

This regime always has banked on external threats to survive. In fact, the external enemy (US/Israel) is what has kept them in power for such a long time. US/Israel is the bogeyman that Iran needs, as Israel needs the IRI and Palestine in order to unite the country, stay alive and suppress the opposition.

Take over of the US embassy, Iran-Iraq war, were created so people’s attention would be focused on the foreign enemies not the enemy within. The Iranians have to be distracted from their troubles at home and in the name of the outside threat. Therefore, when the perceived threat is removed, people cannot be put in jails being accused of the US/Israeli agents. Instead the focus would be on the regime’s shortcomings.

US and allies should instead focus on tightening the grip on IRI’s international transfer of money which is mostly IRG’s and corrupt officials. Deny them acquiring the parts for the nuclear arms. Cut off their hands from transferring money to the west. Push for human rights and democracy.

 The regime is using the sanctions to get closer to Russia and China by giving them special deals on oil and commerce to counter the US and allies. Remove the external threat, the democracy movement would put an end to this regime. This is if the US is serious about democracy. However, I doubt they want a true democracy for Iran. US wants puppet governments in order to achieve her imperialist goals. True democracy does not create puppet government.

Long live Iran the cartel of world civilization!

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