My Huge Communication Challenge work

So I work for this that is owned by a Japanese successful entrepreneur that owns different lending institutions including short term payday loan stores around world.

I work as web directory managing our many websites and I have meetings several times a week with him about our progress and day to day operations. But I am facing huge communication problem because he doesn’t speak English. And his translator is a very nice guy who is not very technical so I find myself repeating the same thing many times and by that I really mean many times.

It is usually very hard to communicate in English from a technical to non technical person and on top of that, translating to a non technical no English speaker via a non technical translator is a mess. I really like my job and I am looking forward finding a solution but I am at loss of how I can get my message across the first few attempts so I don’t have to keep repeating myself.

This causes me huge frustration at times, specially with technical background, I have always strived to make every process more efficient but it seems I am miserably fairly in this task. Any suggestions?

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