Dorood bar eslam va mousavi va roohet emam

In the name of God, most gracious, most merciful.

Man Irani hastam, lets make that clear before I go on.

After the election date, when Ahmadinejad was declared winner, to the happiness and sadness of many. We the Mousavi supporters defended our rights of appeal, we asked for our votes, we asked for justice, we were met with attacks, both reasonable and unreasonable by the authorities.

We demanded our rights be respected, our votes be counted and that mousavi be given a fair chance, alas to no avail.

Then came ashura, the day you padishahi, exile diaspora, who know nothing about iranians, who know nothing about Islam, who know nothing about respect, ruined everything.

by what right and what logic did you think it neccesary to burn a Qor’an and Hosseiniye? did you expect the muslim population and mousavi supporters to cheer you on?

by what logic was Burning the imams photo considered normal? did you expect to get support? all you did was diminish the support the green movement had even more.

by what logic do you exiles consider yourselves iranians when you are the first to embrace american culture ? apart from your names what proof is there you are Iranians? or Muslims for that fact and reresentative of a Muslim country?

by what logic did you think attacking holy figures would further the cause of the Green movement? have you no shame?

by what logic do you extreme minorites, who consider american culture vastly superior to iranian, dare to to commit treason against the country by advocating invasion against iran and expect to gain support for it? who think iranians in iran are just like you when in fact the vast vast majority are completely divorced of you, who thinks the average iranian talks about how great america is, what kind of perfume or eu du toilette to wear, when in actual fact the average iranians dreams is to visit the holy shrine of the prophet, peace be upon him and his wonderful family, and the shrine of Imam reza, peace be upon him.

How on earth can you padishahis, liberal american lovers and the rest consider yourself representative of iranians? if that were not the case would it not be equally logical to assume the IRI would have dissapeared a long time ago and we would be living in a Beverly hills type american outpost by now?

In short, you exiles and you minority in Iran, whos selfish attitudes, whos attacks on Islam, whos desecration of all that is sacred, whos utter perversion of morality, have destroyed any chance of us getting to reform the system and make things easier for the people.

Do Iranians a favour and stay far away in the USA, keep changing your names to english ones like david, adam, john or oscar and then hypocritically talk about how you are defending persian culture, oh the hypocrisy.

Iranians love islam, Iranians love the Qor’an, if you want change then thats a reality you have to accept, not the reality of a bunch of gullible teenagers and exiles who only want to get their money grubbing hands back into iran.

Peace be upon you, maybe next time you will stay out of the affairs of the nation so that maybe we can have a chance at change, for now we are stuck with Ahmadi.


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