Foie Gras

This is Ryan, an ANIMAL ACTIVIST who was protesting in front of the restaurant I work for in San Jose, California. Le Papillon restaurant has served seared Foie Gras for the past 33 years that it has been in business. I took these two pictures last night not to make fun of Ryan. I actually admire people who try to make a difference and change something. Although, I think in this case Ryan can put his efforts into something much more important than SAVING DUCKS! but that’s what’s important to him and maybe to him saving the ducks is the last thing on earth before we all can have the perfect world, I don’t know! But that’s beside the point; the fact is that he has the opportunity to put his efforts into whatever he believes in.

Watching a 19-20 year old guy standing on the corner of Saratoga and Kiely Avenue, where the restaurant I work at is located, on a Saturday night for two whole hours between 5:30 and 7:30 made me think of young Iranians living in Tehran who would give their lives to have the opportunity and the freedom that Ryan has, to be able to express their feelings and thoughts freely and make a difference.

Please visit our restaurant some time. There are many other delicious items on the menu besides FOIE GRAS!!!

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