Nuclear D-Day: al Qaida Racing to Use Weapon in U.S.


A Nuclear 9/11.
It Could Happen. Al-Qaida is racing to acquire a nuclear device.
They want to detonate it in an American city. 
Newsmax report goes inside the effort to stop them.


A Hiroshima-sized nuclear device smuggled into the U.S. inside a cargo container detonates in California’s Port of Long Beach, killing 60,000 people instantaneously, exposing another 150,000 to deadly radiation, touching off massive fires and forcing the evacuation of 6 million panicked people in the Los Angeles basin.

Could it happen?

Top experts say it not only could happen, it is “more likely than not” to occur within the next several years.

Last month the Obama administration admitted that al-Qaida is frantically trying to acquire a nuclear device.

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