Art & Opposition

Iran’s current regime is going through what psychologists term “acute anticipatory coping.” Perceived threats coming from the artistic community get neutralized by an internal affairs

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The lobby wants $50.000.00

All during GW Bush’s Presidency the lovelies attacked him personally and the American foreign policy generally as the cause for the lack of progress in

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Majid Amini

Rumi and Shams

The Greatest Meeting The Life Stories of Rumi and Shams-e Tabrizi: Their Tumultuous Times by Majid Amini FOREWORD Delving into an in-depth discussion and analysis

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که سنگین دلم

ستاره ی امشب آسمان تار من نوید داد ستاره آب شد،از شب چکید من آرزو کردم؛ که تیغ آفتاب از من زند این سایه ی

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Bayanic Calendar

2nd May marked the beginning of the year 163 of the Bayanic Era. This is the most important day of the Bayanic calendar. Quoting from

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روز مادر اینجاست

روز مادر اینجاست. مبارک باد مادران را روزشان. و به سلامتی همه مادران، همه نوش… “روز مادر” برای مادر فقط روزی دگر است که در

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Photos by: Pejman Mehrfar, Ali Parsa, and Ebrahim Hesari. Iranian Women’s Studies Foundation Presents: ( “Naqali by Gordafarid” on Friday May 7th and Saturday May

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