Something New To Be Concerned With!

A friend had posted this video on her wall on Facebook. I watched it in disbelief and it reminded me of something I witnessed many many years ago in Tehran.

One of my cousins owned “Daftar Machine” in Iran and it had the exclusive right to import, sell and service copy machines from a certain manufacturer. The biggest client was the government of Iran and the one with the biggest number of copiers was THE SAVAK (Secret Service Agency, Pre-revolution). First I must tell you that I have always been quite curious (heheheh) and now the rest of the story:

One day when I was at “Daftar Machine” and was looking over the technicians’ shoulders as they were working on the various machines, one of them noticed that one page of document had been left in the machine, face down, on the glass. The problem was that the machine belonged to SAVAK. The young technician was so excited and said, “Oh, what are we gonna do… Let’s just throw it out as though… ” I was very young and I guess naive. I said, “Don’t worry. I’ll just call them and let them know that they have left a page in the machine.” And that is exactly what I did without even TOUCHING the paper. I guessed that they will send someone over to pick it up! My guess was right in theory. I just didn’t know that they will send as many men in several cars to come to pick up ONE SHEET OF PAPER!

True story…

I never did find out what was ON the paper though. So maybe I am NOT as curious as I think I am! 😉 🙂

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