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I have noticed many people use the modern Persian alphabet in their posting. Others use “Latin” alphabet to write in Persian. Others just write in English! I recently made a post in a discussion giving my reasons for posting in English and not using the modern Persian scripts.

The simplest solution is to post Persian in Latin script. No need for fonts and anyone will be able to read it. That is just what Turkey did years ago.  However while expedient it is somehow not fulfilling.  Therefore I in my post indicated my desire for us to learn and use the old Persian scripts. In particular Din Dabireh. I noted I did not have access to fonts for Din Dabireh. SamSam pointed out that he did. I like to take a minute and request his and JJ’s help to support its fonts on IC. We can then start using it as an experiment. With some effort we could promote its usage and make it an alternative to be used at least by those who are interested in Middle Persian. 

Din Dabireh also known as Avestan was developed by the Sassanids in order to put Avesta into writing. The older Aramaic alphabet was ambiguous and unable to properly express details of Zoroastrian prayers. My interest is not religious; rather nationalistic. I want a true Persian alphabet which is Iranian to the bone!

I chose Din Dabireh because:

  • It is a truly authentic alphabet developed by Persians to express Persian. It is therefore optimally suited to our language.
  • It is complete and does not have the ambiguities of either modern Persian or older Aramaic alphabet.
  • It is simple and very easy to learn. There are books in both Persian and English as well as online resources.

I request my friends who are interested to post here. In particular tell us about any resources you know of. Or if you prefer to make a case for a different alphabet please say so.

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