Nasrallah: We will attack ships approaching Israel in future war

chief tells supporters the militant group has the capability to inflict
as much harm on Israel as it did in Lebanon during the 2006 war.

leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah group warned Tuesday his fighters will
attack Israeli ships if Israel imposed a sea blockade on Lebanon in any
future war.
Hezbollah youth holding Katyushas near Nasrallah portrait

Young Hezbollah supporters holding mock ups of Katyusha
rockets in front of a portrait of group leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah.
by: AP

Hassan Nasrallah said his Iranian-backed group was
capable of destroying any military or commercial ships heading to
Israeli ports.

Israel imposed a sea and air embargo on Lebanon
during its month-long war against Hezbollah in 2006, saying it needed to
prevent the guerrillas from being resupplied with weapons.

you [Israel] put our coasts under siege in any future war, I say all
military, civilian and commercial ships heading to Palestine’s coasts on
the Mediterranean will be under the fire of the Islamic resistance
fighters,” Nasrallah said.

Earlier this year Nasrallah threatened
to hit Israel’s Ben Gurion airport if the Jewish state struck Beirut’s
international airport in any future conflict.

“[As for] those
ships which will go to any port on the Palestinian coast from north to
the … >>>

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