Iran narrowly wins UN nuclear battle

Israel was the big loser in the nuclear review conference in New York –
and Iran the big winner. 

The cause of nuclear non-proliferation was haltingly served in
that the conference did reach a consensus, unlike the last time, and a
number of watered-down measures were agreed to seek ways of
strengthening the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). But overall,
there was not the decisive strengthening that some states wanted.

Instead, governments rallied round one objective – the concept
of a nuclear weapons-free zone in the Middle East. This was first called
for 15 years ago but until now neglected.

To its annoyance, Israel found that the US did not block a
proposal to hold a one-off conference in 2012 on setting up such a zone.
In addition Israel was named for not being a party to the treaty and
for not having its nuclear activities under international inspection.
Being named like this is always regarded as a diplomatic defeat.

It will produce further soul-searching about the relationship
between Israel and the US administration of President Barack Obama,
which has often been tense and which will now be more so. Israel has
already denounced the agreement as “hypocrisy”.

Mr Obama came out with a statement afterwards that spoke of the
US being “strongly opposed” to efforts to “single out Israel” but he… >>>

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