crime againt human right activst while Israel PM is in Canada

etanyahu in Toronto claimed that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, just one day before they committed another crime against human rights activists and killed 10 people while .they seized the aid ship too.

it will be a joke to ignore the violation of human rights by Israel while condemning rightfully Iranian theocratic regime for violation of human right.

SO many Iranian Canadian community will not take Harper government serious while they observe double standard few people believe double standard policy by Harper on universal Human right violation.

Haper and Dalton Mc Quinty has to condemn the crime by Israel immediately .

Taking unjustified stand on the Middle East not only will ruin Canadian reputation in the region and the world in alignment with the entire Canadian interests but endanger the fragile hope for the peace in the region , too.

Jonathan Kay: Harper seen as champion of Israel

National post-May 31

Harper has been an enthusiastic supporter of Israel .

Winnipeg Free Press May 31-
Canada a strong ally of Israel, says its PM

Canadian press_ May 30

A Special Place in Hell / The Second Gaza War: Israel lost at sea
We are no longer defending Israel. We are now defending the siege, which is itself becoming Israel’s Vietnam.
By Bradley Burston

A war tells a people terrible truths about itself. That is why it is so difficult to listen.

We were determined to avoid an honest look at the first Gaza war. Now, in international waters and having opened fire on an international group of humanitarian aid workers and activists, we are fighting and losing the second. For Israel, in the end, this Second Gaza War could be far more costly and painful than the first.

In going to war in Gaza in late 2008, Israeli military and political leaders hoped to teach Hamas a lesson. They succeeded. Hamas learned that the best way to fight Israel is to let Israel do what it has begun to do naturally: bluster, blunder, stonewall, and fume.
Hamas, and no less, Iran and Hezbollah, learned early on that Israel’s own embargo against Hamas-ruled Gaza was the most sophisticated and powerful weapon they could have deployed against the Jewish state.

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