Drawing: “Neda” revisited

After Watching the HBO documentary “For Neda” I am forced to revisit that horrible day (last year) and maybe it is cathartic for me to bring to the surface my sorrow by looking at my own drawing….but her story and story of many more individuals not just in Iran but ALL around the world who were/are unfairly murdered, executed, tortured, raped, burnt, mutilated, earased from memories, taken away to never be heard of again must be kept alive. As the oppressed will become the oppressors if and when they forget their own past, their own history and that lust for power will even make them delusional enough to justify their action using excuses from their past. Why don’t we learn from history?

Here is what I originally wrote after I finished my drawing on June 20th, 2009:

“I was so moved and disturbed by today’s video of a young woman losing her life…….. her last gaze will be etched in my mind forever. I had to do something. If they cut one of these brave souls down millions more will sprout! I just found out her name was NEDA……. We will never forget you…..TO NEDAYEH AZADI dadi.”

Kaveh Ahangar Adel

Drawing of Neda ©2009 Kaveh Ahangar Adel

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