Cheshm basteh

Drinking Persian tea with Khaleh Joon Zoreh visiting from Iran, she was telling me why she had voted for Ahmadinejad. He had cleaned up some drug dealers who were lowering property values in her neighborhood. In return I was giving Khaleh Joon my Iranian-American version of why a nuclear-armed Iran is so frightening to the US. She listened politely, occasionally blinking patiently. Apparently this was way over her head.

Basically, I argued that the US fears that if Iran has the bomb, it could bring the Arab countries under its nuclear umbrella, making the entire Middle East useless to the West as a cheap source of Energy. Nod head, blink amiably, sip more tea. Sugar cube is not the same thing as lump sugar. Though she would never say it to my face.

US Dollar would take a fatal blow because it is backed not by production but by the fact that the US military can take over any oil field it wants if push comes to shove. The only reassuring merit of the Dollar is that the US military can guarantee that cheap energy will continue to flow to any country that buys into this protection racket. Nod some more, blink some more. You call this shirini? Though she would never say it to my face.

With the Dollar put in its place it can no longer artificially generate wealth through the US finance machine and there would be a new New World Order. Stifled yawn? Tea means brewed tea dished out with a teaspoon; next time brew the bag separately if you like the taste so much. Though she would never say that to my face.

Incidentally, US backed Saudi Arabia Kuwait, etc. kingdoms, emirates etc. would collapse quickly as the regional power shift from US to Iran makes Iran decide who rules those oil countries.

Cheshm basteh gheib gofti. She said that to my face.

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