My Mirror

I am your mirror, look upon me

What is the reflection that you see?

I see into the very depth of you

You see into my very soul

My Friend, my mirror and my muse

I always think of you

Do you think of me too?

I always miss you when you are gone

I wonder, if you miss me too

You are the highlight of my day

Slow and steady endures the test of time

No need to rush, it is best to take our time

Let us not ruin what we have

Time will tell if it is meant to be

You are my muse

My inspiration within

Poetry just flows out of me

You are so wonderful

So beautiful to me

You are worth waiting for

You know everything about me

Shared so much with you

Not holding anything back

Great deal of pain and sorrow

I believe in you and always will

All that you have shown me

All that you share with me

I will keep close to me

I respect and admire you greatly

You are truly beyond belief

You are amazing in my eyes

You are truly my mirror and my friend

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