Revelation Revealed

Hear me roar mother…hear me roar

Do you hear my heart beating mother?

Hear me roar…

Can you see me wading through the myriad of my kin, all my brothers and sisters?


Hear me roar…

Can you see me lying on the ground?

Can you feel my pain as my chest asunder?

Can you hear my silent cry?

Can you feel my young heart stopping?


Oh mother…hear my silent cry…

As my blood leaves my vains and soakes this land of ours

…as I take my breath and glance at my once fair city….

…I am sending you, my mother,

…my final thoughts.


…hear me roar mother…hear me roar..

No longer am I bound by these chains to this existence…

The darkness has left my eyes…

I am gone…

I am safe mother…


Hear me roar…

I am free and immortal…

My soul soars!


You named me Revelation (Neda) mother…

Behold as reveal my self!

Hear me roar as my memory stands up and becomes Kaveh!

Hear me roar as my kin gathers around me and becomes one.


Hear us roar mother…Hear us roar!!

Hear us roar as we march to bring down this Zahak of our time!

Hear us roar as we bring the light and the Farr, back to this darkened land!


Hear us ROAR…

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