“Sweeping Sanctions”

same old game…sanctions hurt the Iranian people and solidify the control of their government. The nuclear scare is the pretext for invading Iran and recreating a vassal client state. That is the real goal of the West and that is why the Brazil and Turkey brokered fuel exchange deal was unwelcome and ignored. It is reminiscent of how the Bush administration was determined to make war on Iraq and ignored all of Saddams cooperation with UN inspectors which led to three directors  of UNSCOM’s resignations in a row. The US administration wanted war not peace and it punished any country that opposed them on it. I never forget how Bush sanctimoniously said how Saddam had gassed his own people when it was the wind changing direction that caused that which had been intended for the poor Iranians. It was Bush Sr.’s administration who encouraged Saddam to attack Iran and armed him, armed both sides in an 8 year war in which one million Iranian youth died. The American people just don’t get it. They have not seen the endless rows of graves with photos of the young men who lost their lives at Behesht e Zahra. They have not seen the graves of the estimated 15,000 children in Iraq who died from lack of antibiotics under the UN Sanctions. Our media is blind to the deaths of non Americans. They talk of 4000 American dead while sources such as John Hopkins University estimate 1.2 million Iraqi dead so far in this occupation. When have sanctions ever toppled a regime? How many more wars are we going to fight for Israel? How could the whole US Congress except for 8 dissenters be taken in like this again? There was a time when the majority thought the earth was flat and that the sun revolved around the earth. They burned Giordano Bruno at the stake for dissenting. The majority can be and often is wrong and in my opinion the US Congress has made a grave mistake and I pray that the President has the temerity to block this bill.

How is stopping the Iranian people from driving and from heating their homes in winter going to stop their government from developing nuclear energy which by the terms of the NPT, it is within their rights to do? How does barring the import of pistachios and carpets stop the development of nuclear energy? That is preposterous and  punitive, disingenuous and indicative of the degree to which our nation has become an imperialistic, warmongering, vindictive and fascistic state. The embargo of gasoline for Iran is nothing less than an act of war as it can only be enforced militarily. What the sanctions will accomplish is to lose the goodwill of the Iranian people towards the USA, as they will suffer and be punished by these sanctions while their government will only tighten its grip and increase its under siege mentality justifying its extreme measures the same way that the War Powers Act has damaged the civil liberties of Americans in the name of “security.” For me the Sanctions are an attempt to provoke a fight…

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