Warning for the people who misuse their positions, be aware and be clever. Do not be stupid

Warning for the people who misuse their position, be aware and clever The system in the world is trying to destroy the middle Class.  You see the poor believers are the best source of getting money from them. Christ lived in a very poor condition and the pop live like a king. I heard Ali worked very hard in the yard to get money for his family, but some clergies have billions of dollars in the West countries banks. And they live in the best condition, but they say we will support the poor. And the poor give them money and they collect money in even non Islamic banks. Later these bank will not give their money back as they did with Sadam’ money; they will these all illegal money for themselves. We fight with each other about Sunni or Shia, Bahai or Moslems and they rob our countries and bring more poorness in our countries. We fight about the colors of the women clothes about good and bad and middle Hejab. They continue to be advance in science and technologies. We fight with each other about the votes and they laugh at us. We kill each other because of votes.

They cooperate with each other to rob us better. They want to sell their weapon and their poor technologies to us and get more money through the third parties.  Please, stop this for God if you believe in Him. Our people need work, education and peace. The greedy people will never be happy, they want more and more. Think if you die who will take your all billions of dollars. The Western banks, they do not give it not so easily to your children.  Stop this greed, work for humanity. Sadi and Hafez live for ever, but even the grave of dictator will be destroyed later. Be careful. Do not be cruel. Do not kill innocent people. What did Sadam did with his twelve palaces and billions of dollars? He was hanged up like a mad dog or not?  What has happened to Stalin, he was poisoned by his own friend whom he trusted? Be careful may your own friends and family will betray you. Do not rob people, if you have a good job use it for helping the poor, and not destroying them.  You,  the fat rich powerful religious men, who have billions of dollars in the European Banks. Use this money for the poor, build for them hospitals, universities, create jobs for them, help the agricultural activities, and build roads, so you will have a good name for ever. Listen, the life is short and you do not have much time.

 Do you want to be like the last king of Iraq, like Stalin, Hitler, Sadam or you like to be like Sadi or Rum?   O powerful rich people use your power for the good name of yours at least. Do not let the people say later, he/she was a cheater, liar and a bad one. Be clever and take all these advice.  Do not be so stupid like Sadam and…

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