Half and Half



There is a dark cloud

Looming over you

Fair weather is out of sight


But I won’t forget you

Not even for a moment


Your sorrow

Your joy

Your hope

They are parts of me

Like my hands and feet


* * * *


The New World


You are a beacon

You represent hope

You embody Public Reason

But you are not without contradiction


You can be belligerent

Even a menace to humanity

As if, you need to be reminded

Who you really are

And brought back to it


Alas, you are not perfect

But you have been a good surrogate parent


* * * *

The Conflict


When your parents fight

There are no winners


They may pressure you

To choose sides

But you just can’t


One may well be

More at fault than the other


But you better hope for peace

Reconciliation and better relations


Because when your parents fight

There are no winners



-Rotterdam, Netherlands

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