Islamist Vegas

Long before the popular Las Vegas tourism Board’s slogan, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” spread like wildfire quickly becoming an idiom; the Islamist Rapists running IRR had been practitioners of their version of the slogan.

That is why it takes a long time for information about what the Islamist Rapists are doing to Iran and Iranians to come to light some like the details of oil and gas contracts or cash reserves never do.

Sure, ever since the power grab fight between the two Islamist factions has become public, some of IRR’s crimes have been revealed, but the general rule still holds, what happens in IRR, stays in IRR.

Just take a look at statements coming out of the opposing Islamist camps. There is hardly a day goes by when at least one if not many Islamists not threatening to spill the beans about something, which they never do.

It took years for the news of the mass murders of thousands, no typo here, thousands of Iranian political prisoners who were murdered in a span of few weeks during the “Prime Ministership” of Mousavi, one of the current purported “opposition leaders” to travel the grapevine becoming semi-public knowledge.

And yet, as far as his Islamist supporters are concerned when it comes to his responsibility about the mass murders which took place on his watch which he defended in a 1988 interview given to an Australian T.V. — what happens in IRR, stays in IRR

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