The Amiri thriller

Shahram Amiri, the “nuclear scientist” who in some of his YouTube posted videos claimed to have been kidnapped by the American Intelligence and yet in another video had also said he was in America of his own free will to continue his education, has returned to Iran.

The truth of Amiri thriller will come out only when IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic falls, but as of now one thing is for certain.Of all the little and big officials the Islamist Rapists have, the one who greeted the returning Amiri at the airport was none other than  Hassan Ghashghavi.

The Islamist Official is the same person who not that long ago greeted another returning Iranian at the same airport with almost as much media fanfare.

Ali Vakili-Rad, the convicted IRR assassin who was serving time in a French jail for brutally murdering Bakhtiar, the former Iranian Prime Minister, and Katibeh, his assistant was swapped for a French girl IRR had taken hostage in Iran. Mr. Vakili-Rad was greeted by Mr. Ghashghavi at IKIA, Tehran’s “Imam Khomeini International Airport” .

BTW, there are three American hikers currently being kept by IRR in a notorious Tehran prison.

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