Refinance the Islamic Way…

In the big bad West, there resides an ever increasing number of members of the Religion of Peace. Granted most of these peace lovers are truly peaceful. They interact with their Western counterparts peacefully and are law abiding members of the society. Surprisingly though, they have moved out of their Islamic heavens for a better life in the big bad West. Like others, they too have mortgages and financial obligations which they have to meet.

For a company that does mortgage and refinancing, what better marketing campaign than to send a flyer out with a picture of a Moslem couple happily embracing each other after a blessed transaction – perhaps in the presence of the local Imam….

I got this in the mail yesterday and was floored at the boldness (I won’t say audacity) of these folks. Perhaps this was a targetted marketing strategy to reach out to those prospective customers whose names aren’t Joe, Jack and Jill, but mine isn’t moslem-sounding at all. So who knows?

I suppose I should ask a couple of neighbors to see if they got the same thing in the mail – or……may be not!

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