With the adoption of resolution 1929 by UNSC and the additional unilateral American sanctions against IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic signed into law by President Obama, the missing part had been the additional European sanctions.

That missing part will be officially in place this coming Monday; yesterday 27 EU members adopted Euro-sanctions tightening the economic noose a bit more.

All these sanctions are by no means airtight which means it will take a long time for them to start hurting the Islamist Rapists.

Time which the sane world and Iranians can ill afford, time which will allow IRR to work on its nuke, time which IRR will use to rape, maim, torture and murder many more Iranian men, women and children.

It is time for the sane world to cut off all contacts with IRR officials past or present, freeze their assets, ban them, their families and concubines from traveling to, residing in, studying or transiting through their countries.

It is time for the sane world to boycott IRR’s blood oil and refuse insurance to any shipping line willing to carry it.

It is time to empower fed up Iranian people with material help to overthrow their messianic Islamist tyrants who have repeatedly said they are on a mission “to manage the world”.

It is time for hardball! 

It is time to play for keeps!   


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