Israel Braces Itself for a UN Fact Finding Mission

Israel faces another disastrous report as an ‘Independent and impartial’
fact-finding team appointed by the UN Human Rights Council will look
into Israel’s ‘violations of international law’ during her commando raid
on the Gaza-bound Turkish ship.

Seemingly the UN Human Rights Council wasn’t overwhelmingly
impressed by Israel’s own ‘truth finding’ missions. I guess that this is
understandable. The Israelis should accept the UN concerns. It is very
uncommon to let the murderer or the rapist investigate himself.

The UN team is expected to travel to Israel, Turkey and Gaza in
August to interview witnesses and gather information before reporting
back to the Council in September.

I guess that in order to complete its job satisfyingly, the UN
mission should consider taking advice from some Old Testament experts
who can elaborate on the cultural and spiritual heritage that led to the
current state of Israeli barbarism. As I’ve mentioned many times
before, Zionism , is an attempt to revive the ancient Israelite nation.
Hence it shouldn’t take us by surprise to discover that this has
created a contemporary Israeli who follows the most sinister possible
interpretation of the Judaic text.

Moreover, The UN mission would also benefit by recruiting some
leading psychologists who can turn on a floodlight on the issues … >>>

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