The vise

As recently as few weeks ago IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic had announced three asinine, mostly unachievable, conditions for agreeing to talk with the sane world over its illegal, suspected to be weaponized, nuke program.  

Now that the entire sane world is unified in standing up to IRR, it is signaling its readiness to talk,  unconditionally. 

If the representatives of the civilized world do not include in the nuke demands the human rights of Iranians as well as forgoing any support for international terrorism to be part of the take it or leave it package given to IRR, it would be not only foolish but gross dereliction of duty.

For the very first time in over three decades of lawlessness Islamist Rapists are in no position to wiggle out of the vise they’ve put themselves in. The sane world should not let them get away without verifiably agreeing to all its just demands.

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