Are you Iranian enough?

In a recent blog of mine one of the posters with whom I’ve been exchanging jabs for sometimes has left a comment which has occupied my mind with a question.

First here is the comment:

“by MOOSIRvaPIAZ on Tue Jul 27, 2010 06:23 PM PDT

Fred like his masters in israel playing the victim card. once again you show your true colors Fred. You dont care about Iranians. In fact, I dont think you have Iranian blood in you at all. “

It so happens in the same blog another poster, LoverOfLiberty, in response to a nosy poster’s question in part had said:

“No, I am not an Iranian.  I am a US citizen with family roots dating back to the American Revolution, and with an English and Polish ancestry.   

With this being said, however, I’ve followed the history of Iran since I was very young.  And, I’ve had several Iranian-American friends through the years who have told me about their family histories in Iran. “

My question, does having “Iranian blood “is a perquisite for caring for Iran and Iranians?

If it does, then all those Islamist Rapists and their supporters like  mien Führer who is overtly concerned with bloodlines have a lot of explaining to do.

BTW, science of DNA has a lot to say about this pure blood thing.

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