There is no Persian Empire any more

There is no Persian Empire any more Our Azari brothers and sisters should know that we are one and if we get a country like European Union or United States of America, all problems will be solved. We should be united we are one. From China to North Europe we are one race and one if we are separate we will be even weaker as we are now. All the people who live in Middle Eastern countries is one and we had the same culture or similar culture, we had the same countries and we were one. Even in north Indian were related to us, but the great power separate us. All these countries should be united again and work with each other. All these countries with Stan were a state of our countries in Iran Plate or Turan.  In the time that I was student in Istanbul, professor told me we are from Turan and the system of the word separate us from Iran. If we were united we could be in a much better situation. The Ottoman Empire wrote Persian and as the Shah Esmaiel Safaviden wrote a letter in Turkish to him, he got the answer in Persian. Our children can learn any language they want. Our countries are divided in artificial countries. We should build a FederalRepublic and we should respect each other language, religions or even non religions and in this way we can have progress.

There no Turks or Kurds or Persian or… we are one body. We should be united and have a strong country. Like Europe. We are one and we were one. The disunity is a plan of great powers who want us to fight with each other. Love and Unity. We are just Middle Eastern Countries. Turkish is fine arts, Persian is sweet and all of us are just brothers and sisters. The fight between Kurds and Turk is not good, we should be united. Viva all of us. Do not separate us, we are one. In China there are over sixty nations, but all of them say they are from China, so we are one all Middle Eastern countries and South Europe is one, it was one. We are in each other. All of us have the same blood. Kurdish, Turkish, Persian, Balouch, Pashtons, Lors and…. are one. Even Greek and Italian are in our bloods. From China to the North Europe all the people living there is one race and one and they are mixed with each other. We should try for unification and if we respect each other the other problems will be solved. I know that now the system of the world want hate between us, but we should be aware, they want to separate us and but they are united.  The national music of Afghanistan calls our people who are living there. We are the one and we should stay the same. Uzbek, Turk, Lore, Tajik, Pashtons,…are just one real nation and we are mixed with each other. If that Shirazi Turk will be nice to me, I will give her the Samarghand and Bokhara. Again we are mixed and there is no different between us. We are one and we should stay one if we want to have progress. Love between all the people who live in the Middle Eastern Countries. Safaviden also were a mixed from the North Azari and other provinces of Iran Plato.  We lived thousands years together and we mixed together. There is no pure race any more and may be soon in the whole world because of so many travel in few hundred year there will be only one race and one language. Again I am sorry for the ignorance of the people who love or want to bring hate between us. May be some of them are paid and some of them are basically ignorant and they do not know with these hate they destroy our countries. The humanity is the next goal, but now we should be united in our countries again.

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