Ramadan and the Jews

Yes, the Jews have fasting too, that’s because Islam is in many ways a carbon copy of Judaism. That’s because Islam was written by 3 Jews and one of us, Salman Farsi, the first and most wretched traitor to the Iranian culture. Please be open-minded and consider: Kosher/Halal, Salam/Shalom, circumsicion, prohibition against pork, jazieh (10% Islamic tax), fasting, etc., etc., etc. 

In reality, Muslims actually celebrate a Jewish sect, i.e., Islam, but a great many Muslims today despise the Jews and consider them “unclean.” In fact, Muslims and Jews are half-brothers, as they both trace their lineage to one man, Abraham, who spawned the Jews and Christians through his wife, Sarah, and he also spawned the Arabs through his concubine (sigheh) Hagar.

All of this would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad. A bunch of clever Jews got together around the time of Muhammad, who was himself married to a very rich Jew, and came up with Islam so as to stem the fantastically popular tide of Christianity, which was a phenomenon in those days. And these very clever Christ-hating Jews called their new reliegion, “Islam” — the last word of God. After all, the Jews are masters of make-believe, lest you forget that nearly all of Hollywood was built by clever Jews in the early 1900’s and is run by the Jews today.

Story-telling, make-believe — fiction — is their forte! Let’s face it, the Jews are just great at spinning fantastic tales, i.e., ET, Rocky, Rambo, Karate KidAnnie Hall, Godfather, Top Gun, The Quran, and the Bible. It’s movies for today’s consumption, scripture for the ancients. 

This is fact. A fact of history. Now you all can shut down your brains and fast from sun-up-to-sun-down if it makes you feel good, but have no fear, Allah won’t turn you into a piece of stone if you doubt his existence for a half-a-second! But really, don’t you people think it’s time we put aside all these fantastically fictive Jewish stories about God and his prophets and approached the question like rational, thinking adults? But don’t mind me, you can go right ahead and believe that Moses parted the Red Sea and turned a piece of stick into a snake or that Noah gathered two of every organism on Earth (even two of every form of spiders) and gave them safety on his Arc.

Make-believe can actually be kind of comforting, specially for children. 

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