How the U.S. Lost Iraq to Iran

the withdrawal of american combat troops from iraq was scheduled to begin in earnest after iraq’s parliamentary elections of march 7. by the end of august, 50,000 or so ‘advisory’ and ’support’ troops were to remain behind, releasing the rest of america’s invading forces for other invasions or combat missions elsewhere.

with only a few weeks to go before the stated aim to ‘withdraw’ from iraq, the us administration is in a bit of a mess. the fog of war and propaganda have together obscured events in iraq. but in effect, the costly war has resulted in the americans handing iraq over to iran on a silver platter. what follows is a description of how this has come about, and how this is linked to the sanctions.

in 2003 the americans concocted a series of lies in order to justify an illegal invasion – a war crime according to the geneva convention – of iraq in order to achieve three main goals:

1. destruction of the iraqi army

2. destruction of the baathist regime

3. establishment of a client state in iraq

the failure of the illegal invasion has been with the third goal: the iraqi ‘government’ is still not in place, let alone its intended ‘pro-american’ character.


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