Not now dear!

Like a well-coordinated campaign, a new old narrative over the responsible position to be taken at this juncture about IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic is popping up all over the place.

At its core defense of IRR is presupposed as defense of Iran and Iranians.

By now the argument is a familiar one. The exact brick and mortar of the same argument, with slight nuances, have been applied for thirty one and half years..

Back in the 80s it was the bloody WWI style trench warfare Saddam’s Iraq had started and IRR prolonged for eight year.  After that it was the “reconstruction” years of the “pragmatic” era. After that it was the de Tocqueville era of dazzling the willing to think democracy is over the horizon and smiley is the man who would steer the ship of the Nation straight to the promised and long awaited democracy.

All along the advice has been the same. Hush up and support the “country”.  She is at war then it was she is in the reconstruction phase and then the democratization is being threatened by the “neocons”.

Now IRR has undeniably proved it is beyond redemption or reformation or being any good for Iran and Iranians.  

The same advocates are back. Their old tired advice is back with them. Now is not the time for anything but to show solidarity with Iran (IRR) for “enemies” are going to attack militarily.

Two honest questions:

When is it going to be the right time to say all the miseries of the past thirty plus years are the direct responsibility of IRR, not America, Israel, Burkina Faso or any other country.  And as long as for whatever reason Islamists’ rule is preserved so will the miseries?  

When is the appropriate time to advocate kicking the lot of Islamist Rapist bums out, “reformist” and all?

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