Rooting for Bushehr

Russian technicians have begun inserting the fuel rods; the final step in firing up the Russian built and supplied nuclear plant in Bushehr on the Persian Gulf.

The efficacy of nuclear power plant in an earthquake prone country is not the point her. Neither is the unanswered question to the why to produce electricity would a “government” which sits on oceans of gas and oil would spend astronomical sums to import outdated nuclear technology, its tools, fuel and technicians to do the job.

Of course nothing needs to be said about the absurdity of a system which relies on most of its earnings coming from export of unrefined oil and yet needs to import 40% of its refined oil in the form of gasoline, a strategic weakness if there ever was one.  

Given the nature and track record of IRR, as far as power generation is concerned, expressing happiness over the highly uneconomical, environmentally dangerous and international suspect Bushehr becoming operational does not make sense.

It is as though a mass murdering rapist takes over a house surrounded by cops with itchy fingers.  While he is raping some of the hostages in their own home, torturing and killing their kin’s, out of the household’s account he pays a greedy contractor to finish the half complete asinine shoddy structural fortification project on the house.

Does it make sense for few of the hostages to go gaga for the completion of the asinine project?   

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