CIA warns of violent American Jews

Wikileaked document calls the US an “exporter of terrorism.”

A CIA document released by Web site Wikileaks on Wednesay expresses
concern that the US had become an “exporter of terrorism,” specifically
mentioning American Jews in Israel.

The classified report, titled “What if Foreigners See the United
States as an Exporter of Terrorism?” was produced in February 2010 by
the CIA’s Red Cell, a think tank set up in the wake of the September 11
2001 attacks on New York’s World Trade Center. It mentions incidents in
which Americans joined terrorist groups such as the Taliban and the
Irish Republican Army, and committed acts such as the 2008 Mumbai

One of the four groups mentioned by the CIA is American Jews in Israel.

“Some American Jews have supported and even engaged in violent acts
against perceived enemies of Israel,” the leaked report reads. “In 1994,
Baruch Goldstein, an American Jewish doctor from New York, emigrated to
Israel, joined the extremist group Kach, and killed 29 Palestinians
during their prayers in the mosque at the Tomb of the Patriarchs in

The CIA analysis explains that Goldstein’s attack “helped to trigger a wave of bus bombings by HAMAS in early 1995.”

The report considers international terrorist organizations targeting and recruiting Americans. It says:


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