This Week in the News

Takes one to know one

Iranian State TV lashed out at French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, implying that she is a slut who is known for sleeping around.  In response, Mrs. Sarkozy quietly deleted Iranian State TV from her list of Facebook friends.


Keeping up with the Jonesanians

The Los Angeles Times printed a story about local Iranian-American weddings, concluding that they are too extravagant and end up putting the bride and groom in gigantic debt simply because they want to impress friends and relatives with stuff they really can’t afford.  Following which the Pulitzer Prize Committee immediately issued a press release announcing the L.A. Times as the winner of their coveted Breaking News and Investigative Reporting Award.


A fate worse than death

The Internet went viral after a video was released of a British woman dumping a live cat in a trashcan and closing the lid, leaving it to die, prompting hundreds of death threats against her after identity was revealed.  In her defense, Mary Bale claimed that she was simply trying to “liberate” the cat from potentially starring in yet another one of those “godawful Youtube cat videos.”


Nordegrinning all the way to the bank

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren finalized their divorce amidst credible reports that the golf superstar’s ex-wife will likely receive $100 Million in her settlement.  To be fair, that can only partially cover the costs of the solid gold diapers their two babies have been accustomed to.



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