Humor: Cabinet*


* This is satire. If any of the mentioned posters objects, please let me know and I will delete their name.






Secular Democratic Republic


JJ, Supreme Leader

Ahura, God

Aynak, Minister of Interior (Vazir Keshvar)

P_J, Speaker of Majles

Red Wine, Mayor of Shemiran va homeh

Mehman, Minister of Tourism

Khar, President

Ebi, Rais of the Imam Reza Shrine and its Endowment, Rais Hajj

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan, Imam Jomeh of Mashhad, Deputy Rais to Imam Reza Shrine

Majid, Minister of Wit and Happiness

Fair, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Minister of Defense

Shifteh Ansari, Head of DINA (Democratic Iranian News Agency)

Ghormeh Sabzi, Rais Seda va Sima Melli Iran

Mehrban, Spokeswoman of the Government

Fred, Our ambassador to Israel

Suri, Our Ambassador to Russia

Shazde Asadola Mirza, Minister of Culture, Permanent Representative to San Francisco

Divaneh, Minister of Health

Artificial Intelligence, IT Chief of the country

Amir 1973, our Ambassador to the UN

OnlyIran, Our Ambassador to Iraq

Lale Koopal, Youth Minister

David ET, Founding Father of the Constitution

MM, Representative of M&M in Iran


Yasari, Minister of Literature

Khers, Head of Iran National Zoo

Khaleh Mosheh, Deputy Head of Iran National Zoo

Monda, Minister of Nice and Random Acts of Kindness


Fooladi, Minister of Heavy Industry

Roozbeh Gilani, Head of the Socialist Party in Majles

Hoshang Targol, Head of the other Socialist Party in Majles

R2-D2, Head of Iran NASA

Anahid Hojjati, Our Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of Palestine

Maziar 58, Our Ambassador

to the Democratic

Republic of


Mardom Mazloom, Head of Bonyad Mostazafan, Minister of Social Welfare

escape, Minister of Emigration

Amir1973, Our Ambassador to the UN

Nadia, U.S. Ambassador to Iran

human being, Israeli Ambassador to Iran

rosie, U.S. Ambassador to the UN

Reality Bites, Chair Commission to Prosecute Crimes Against Humanity












Rafsanjani becomes the next Supreme Leader


marhoum kharmagas, Minister of Intelligence

anonymous8, Deputy Minister of Intelligence

Mamad, Chief Nuclear Negotiator

Haji Agha, IRI Ambassador to Canada

Sargord Piroz, Professor of English at Islamic Azad University, New York campus

IMF, Minister of War

Molla, IRI Ambassador to Saudi Arabia,

Mollah’s Shotor, Deputy to IRI Ambassador to Saudi Arabia

Moosir va Piaz, Deputy to Shotor

Azita Shafazand, Minister of band-andazi and Epilation

No Fear, defects to Syria

JalehO, defects to the U.S.

Ahmadinejad, defects to Taliban

Mesbah Yazdi, joins the al Qaeda

nilofar al-farsi, joins al qaeda




Reza Pahlavi becomes King

Dariush Kadivar, Prime Minister

Farah Rusta, SAVAK Chief

comrade, Deputy SAVAK Chief

simorgh5555, Minister of Defense

mahmoudg, Commander, Air Force Surgical Air Strike Command

Fatollah, Mayor of Qom

Benross, Head of Rastakhiz Party, Chairman of the “Office of Mass Extermination of Liberals, Democrats, and Socialists”

Pastor Bill Rennick, U.S. Ambassador to Iran

Shushtari, Mayor of Shustar

seannewyork, Ambassador to the U.S.

Kaveh Parsa, Deputy Prime Minister



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