When 2,752 + 184 + 40 = 0

Yesterday, September the 11th marked the ninth anniversary of a big fat lie perpetuated by the Americans to attack Afghanistan.

Every single one of the 2,752 names read out loud at the so called ground zero in New York was fictitious. So too were the 184 who supposedly were killed on the same day at Pentagon, the same goes for the 40 in Pennsylvania.

If people had sense enough to investigate what the show president of the Islamist Rapist Republic, IRR, has publicly said about the so called 9/11, there would not have been a need for the ninth anniversary of the “Big Lie”.

And you thought only the historical validity of Holocaust was being challenged, so little you know.

It is so simple; numbers do not lie, 2,752 + 184 + 40 = 0




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