Ahmadinejad Gifts Iranian Nanoscope to Qatari Emir

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the end
of a joint press conference in Doha presented a home-made Iranian
nanoscope to Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani.

“This is a gift from the Iranian technology to Qatar. You can use
it in educational and research centers,” Ahmadinejad said, addressing
the Qatari Emir.

During the press conference, Ahmadinejad also pointed to the fact
that the device had been made by Iranian specialists and only five other
countries apart from Iran are able to make the device.

After receiving the gift, the Emir of Qatar stated, “In 1960s during
Gamal Abdel Nasser rule, Iran gave a present to Qatar, which we still
keep. We are happy to receive this present today and we will protect
this present too.”

Ahmadinejad had presented two other nanoscopes to the Brazilian and Venezuelan Presidents before.

During his visit to the nanotechnology stall in ‘Made in Iran
Exhibition’ in May 2010 in Doha, the Qatari Minister of Energy and
Industry observed closely the abilities of the nanoscope, and he
described Iran’s progress in the field of nanotechnology as “very

The production of the Iranian nanoscope, commercially known as NAMA,
began in May 2007. In addition to the noticeable technical progress of
the nanosc… >>>

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