Apprentice Recap

Season 10, Episode 2 (Thursday, September 23, 2010)

Okay so first of all, this episode was just BLEH.  Both the challenge and the boardroom antics lacked the spark that caused the premiere to ignite.  Surprisingly no going postal for Dave, even though he was chosen as the Project Manager for his team, Octane. And this time, Mahsa stayed diplomatically on the down-low, even though she definitely had a Darth Vader-Luke Skywalker death stare with the Donald during the boardroom meeting.  On the positive side, they wheeled good old George back from whatever dungeon the Donald has been keeping him chained to.  Ahhhh, George and Caroline, who doesn’t miss those days?

The episode began somewhat sadistically as Mahsa and Tyana made their way back to the suite after getting Nicole‘s ass fired. The two BFFs were greeted with such wild chants of joy, dancing and clapping, (someone even actually said Ding Dong the Witch is Dead) I was grateful that Nicole was safely speeding down Fifth Avenue in a taxicab or else she would have been likely to be tarred and feathered by this group!

The challenge for this second episode was to sell ice cream on the streets of Manhattan for the most money.  Simple enough right? But it seemed as though every step was a Herculean task for the contestants, from picking the right costume to the right location and the right price point.  Five dollars for an itty bitty ice cream bar? Puh-leeeeze.  I could get a fake Louis Vuitton bag for that amount from any street vendors in Manhattan.  No wonder you had to scream, berate, do push-ups and god knows what else to convince customers to go along with this raw deal.  And then the petty, childish fighting over location. Both teams made it seem as if the huge tourist haven island of Manhattan was a small village lost in the woods with only one main town square.  It was a lot of big waste of time in my opinion.

At the boardroom, the Donald asked a confident Mahsa if she thought her team had won to which she replied :”I KNOW we won Mr. Trump.”  This apparently set off the crazy switch under old Donnie’s hair piece.  He berated and stared down Mahsa to the point that the normally tough as nails Brooklyn prosecutor backed down and eventually even had to avert her eyes.  The words “you’re fired” seemed to quiver on Trump’s lips before he thankfully moved on to the men’s team.

In the end, the women won and our Mahsa was safe for another episode at least.  The men lost some dude named Alex who frankly noone cared about or even seemed to remember was part of the cast.  Team Octane and Team Fortitude are even Steven and next week will see who forges ahead.

The Apprentice airs on NBC Thursdays, 9/10 c.

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