Poverty in the US

If you are counted officially as a person living below poverty line by the US Census Bureau, you are not alone; nearly 4.8 million more people were added to the number of poor in the US. According to the latest statistics published by the US Census Bureau, the percentage of US population living below poverty line – income of about $10,000 for a single person – is now stands at 14.3%, about 44 millions, highest since 1959. This ratio is estimated at about 18% for Iran. It seems that the United States has not only lost some tangible wars on the ground in recent years but also the war on poverty. It is startling to see that so many people living under poverty threshold in the world’s richest country with the median household’s income of almost $50,000 per year and total value of Gross Domestic Products $14,575 billion, by far the largest in the world. The poverty outlook is not any more optimistic if current economic condition continues. But look at the bright side of it, poverty is a relative concept, $10,000 may not be a considerable amount of money in the US but it is enough to support a family for a year in many countries. Nearly 100 countries have per capita income lower than $10,000.

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