God & Religion

In his new book entitled The Grand Design, Steven Hawking argues that the modern physics has progressed to the point where it “leaves no place for God in the creation of the universe.”  He says, “It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going.”  While this is not a new argument, since it is postulated by a world renowned physicist, it has become a sensational news attraction in recent days. Hard to fathom, but despite all the unraveling of modern sconce, people everywhere have still held on to their belief of God and religion are reluctant to let go of it. Even in a country like the US where hedonistic values govern almost every aspect of our lives, belief in God is as robust as ever.  According to a recent gallop poll, overall, 78% of Americans believe in God and 15% in a higher spirit. What is it that draws us to God and religion despite all the modern discoveries that seemingly negate their influence?

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