Weapons Bizarre

number of seemingly random news items caught my attention this
relatively uneventful weekend, but by the time we get to the end of this
column a pattern is bound to emerge:

Hypocrisy Watch:
Christopher Hitchens, the professional warmonger turned professional
atheist, is demanding the Catholic Church be “held accountable” for the
crimes of pederastic priests. His appetite for “justice” is considerably
reduced, however, when it comes to meting it out to those public
officials who lied us into war with Iraq – a war he vociferously
supported and continues to support. Apparently the mass murder of
hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, and the decimation of their society by
US occupiers, is not a crime in his book. Not even the growing dominance
of religious fanatics in positions of power in “liberated” Iraq has
managed to attract his ire. Of course, he’s otherwise occupied at the
moment, but still – how about an act of contrition before he drops out
of sight?

No chance of that, naturally: after all, we’ve “won” in
Iraq, right? Never mind those bothersome bombs that keep going off, and
the hundreds of casualties. And as for those “weapons of mass
destruction” Hitchens and his buddy Paul Wolfowitz were so concerned
about – didn’t you know they’re in Syria, now? Or perhaps the Pope –
that fount of “peace at any pr… >>>

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