The Queen of Persia

Nahid Persson Sarvestani’s very personal film finds her in the company of another Iranian exile – Farah Diba, the late Shah of Iran’s wife. Thirty years ago, Persson Sarvestrani was one of those who took to the streets of Iran in support of the Communist faction of the Ayatollah Khomeini’s revolution, which saw the Shah deposed and exiled.

She herself then had to flee the country, accused of monarchist sympathies after her film Prostitution Behind the Veil revealed the reality of prostitution in the country. Intrigued by these accusations, she approached Farah Diba, who greeted her as a fellow refugee and allowed access for two years.

But the director was keenly aware that if she revealed her past communist sympathies she would lose Farah’s trust. Instead, as she films the profile, she begins to question her own assumptions and ideologies until eventually, she does reveal her background. Will their relationship survive the revelation?

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