Evidences and Unanswered Questions

Why are people so afraid to investigate 9/11 when they are so many unanswered questions? We do not need another war based on a false flag (remember Vietnam and WMD in Iraq)!!

Many eyewitness said that the plane(s) came from different directions than the original report. Why? Just wondering if anyone has seen a picture of the plane that went down in Pennsylvania?

A steel frame building comes down due to fire, not once or twice but three times at the same place, what are the odds on something like this to happen? A passport found on the street without even a burn mark on it? Larry Silberstein, and his interview “pull it” FALSE FLAG ATTACK – type it in any search engine. www.question911.com ,ae911truth.org, home911weknow.com

If five IRANIAN “art students” had been caught cheering as the towers fell, they would have been water boarded and not released back to

An enormous amount of put options were placed on United and American Airlines days before 9/11. Why only on these two airlines?

Why Bill Clinton’s Monica investigation even no one died cost more than 9/11 investigation that 3000 died? How about letting Iraqi and Afghan nationals to investigate what really took place at 9/11?

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