Iranian journalists

After the murderous post “election” crackdown by IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, many Iranians had to flee the country for their lives. Journalists comprise a sizable portion of the newly arrived. Unfortunately most are still in need of everything including hope for a better future in their new surroundings. Most of these journalists have become politically active in diaspora, few through venues made available to them by the losing side of the internal fight among the IRR gangs, namely the various “reformists” who got the short end of the stick.

To the exclusion of the bigger picture and the truth, under the pretense of journalism their activities nowadays is confined to advocacy of the particular group they are working with. This task includes overlooking some damning evidences of crimes committed against Iran and Iranian people.

Are these people journalists in the traditional definition of the sacred profession, or political activists with given agenda who propagate it under the veneer of journalism?

What chance does democracy have in Iran if Journalism is to be used as a mere cover for advocacy of a given political point of view?

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