Canada a Safe Haven for The agents of the Islamic Regime in Iran

Canada a Safe Haven for

The agents of the Islamic Regime in Iran

September 28, 2010


Mr. Hossein Derakhsha an opposition duplication 

 Islamic regime in Iran is the master of deceit, tricks, concealment, denial, propaganda …….. , and duplication – particularly duplication of “friendly opposition”.  Opposition such as “Akbar Ganji” one the key figures in the formation of the regime and a founding member of the “IslamicRevolutionary Guards Corpsand Ministry of Intelligence and National Security of Iran.

Based on the previous well documented evidence of the regime’s propaganda, I have arrived at the point to believe that Mr. Hossein Derakhshan, is one the regime’s duplicated opposition.  For the simple reason that no“anti-government” blogger, as such, would go to Iran – particularly if he hadbeen “creating propaganda against the Islamic regime, insulting religioussanctity and creating propaganda for anti-revolutionary groups.”

The timing of this, probable“death penalty”, strangely, coincide with the international condemnation of death penalty by “Stoning” for Ms. Sakineh Ashtiani. I believe this is one the tactic which is employed by the regime to divert the attention from the barbaric act of “Stoning”.

My predictions are:

            “PEN Canada” will reserve an “EmptyChair” for him in near future on the recommendation of Mr. Reza Baraheni andFriends.

Mr. Derakhshan, similar to other “dualcitizen” who presumably, were “prisoners of conscience” will be release withinnext 2 years, as a result of “magical diplomacy” – swapping prisoners (Mr.Mahmoud Yadegari – an Iranian Man sentenced for trying to ship banned components to Iran); and will begreeted as a celebrity upon return to Canada – then he will receive some international trophies and monitory prizes.(following Akbar Ganji’s footsteps)

Post celebration he will be the champion of the “Dialogue of Civilizations” and negotiation on the subject ofHuman Rights and “Nuclear Program” and will join the “Anti War Movement” (CASMII– an Islamic Regime’s mouth piece).

And eventually he will join therest of regime’s made opposition such Akbar Ganji and the Associates. He probably will be hired by Persian (Farsi) cast of Voice of America (VOA) untilhe returns to Iran.

p.s. I hope I am wrong on all of these predictions and Mr.Derakhshan simply will be released along the rest of the forgotten political prisoners in Iran – however, I doubt it.

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