The Iranians who are speared in the world and why? Like butterflies in different countries?

The Iranians who are speared in the world and why? Like butterflies in different countries?


Millions of young people got their high school diploma and there were no universities or work for them in Iran. In the time that they were in high school most of them did not learn properly, because there was not enough teachers in important subject like foreign language, math or science.  The graduates from high schools do not see any future for themselves. Some of them were attracted to the military service but again after two years again most of them had no work and no place at any college and or universities. What can they do?  They had these ideas that if they can go to Europe or USA or any other country, they can study very well, they can marry and be successful. So they started to go out of Iran. The rich Iranian students or the good or very good Iranian students with high or good intelligent got some support from the universities and good continue their life in the West, but the middle class students who were not also brilliant students and graduated from the school in which they did not have good teacher or not science and math, language teacher at all come to trouble.  They did not have enough money to pay the landlords or dorms to get a place to live; they should live in the worst place which the landlords could not rent to European students.  Generally the people did not like them, because they were from Middle East or as in Europe say Orientals.   They had no support from Iranian government, so they started to be against the regime and thought the whole problem is with the Shah of Iran. Some of them could stay in west and they worked and study and some of them have to come back to Iran.  The problem was that the Shah regime did not do enough for them.


First if they had good and experienced teacher in the high school they could learn more and they could be more successful. Second if the school in Iran was like in west, that means girls and boys did study together, they were not outsider for each other and they could help each other much more. May be they could select each other and marry each other easier.  But the traditional marriage, that the man should have house, car and enough money did stop the simple love and friendly marriages in Iran. I think if the Shah regime did provide work, sport and college for all these middle class students or normal middle IQ students, they would not attract to the other groups. In Europe the Iranian Middle Class were the poorest class. They have to pay for rent, which is much more expensive than in Iran. They should live separately which is also more expensive, the people did not like them and they did not absorbed in the society easily, and they knowledge was much less than their European counter part. These entire situation brought a lot of problems among them and they were some how anti regime.  After so called revolution in Iran the situation is even worse. In the Shah’ time nobody care what you are doing as long as you did not attack obviously the regime.  But now if your family is different and he/she thinks in a different way, you are in trouble.  A lot of Bahai or half Bahais, Sofies or… have to come out of Iran, because the regime wanted only the people in actions or at the universities who are like them or at least they show up or pretend to be like them, so there was no place for other people who were a lit bit differently.  Again this time millions of Iranians have to go out of their country again. In the past most Iranian did go back as they finished the university and some of them married European women and with the whole family go back. Now is different, most of them cannot go back as in Iran there is no work for them any more. The Iranian academics are wasting their time in Europe or America and they are not using their knowledge and their energy in a positive ways.


Yesterday I went to see of my teacher who was my English teacher in the twelve grades. Mr Sasan i was a very good teacher and sorrowfully I had him only for one year. I was before in the public school and we did not have English teacher for the entire year. But for the twelve grad class my father put me in a good private school in which I could enjoy nice and knowledgeable teachers, and Mr. Sahani was one of them.  But you know if you did not learn for eleven years the English language properly, how can you learn it in one year? But he helped me a lot, as long as the student had questions; he stayed in the class room. He asked always the students whom he knows they do not know the lesson and he repeated this action so much that they had to learn also. He did explain the English grammar for us properly and in the time that we read a sentences he asked us who is the subject of the sentences and where is the verb and what is the time of the verb and why and what is the infinitive and what the word before the subject, or after the verb; so he made in this way the whole grammar active for us. He forces us to study and use the passive grammar knowledge in the class room. All students were active in his class and I think every body had to learn his lesson. Later I was his student at the university and he encourages me to read more and to write more and exercise more. But sorrowfully my strong was not in the foreign language, but in science like physic and chemistry or biology.  But I got later language teacher.


He was a nice teacher and later my best professor at the university, he had a huge library at his home and he gave us his books to study more and his house was opened to us always.  He was very strict in the school year, but I think nobody has failed in his classes all his students got good score at the end of the year, because he activated every one in his class. Sorrowfully after the so called revolution in Iran he was sent out of work from the high school in which he worked and from university, because he had Bahai family.  He was may be fourty five that he lost his jobs. The only good English teacher I had is sent out of the county, because his family or parts of his family were Bahais.   He tried to work for few years in the private companies, but he was teacher and educator and the private companies did not so much his subjects. He was a sort of translator and did work in the embassies part time or in companies. He had a good income, but no securities. And as I told, he was a real teacher and not a commercial translator.  Now his children blamed him, because you are sent out of work, we cannot study at the university and we have no future in Iran. We should go to Europe or America.  So come to the USA and we can live there, study there whiteout having any fear of Islamic authorities.  Mr. Sasani told his children that he is old and USA wants just the young people to go there and study or work there. I cannot support you as I can do it here. But the children and wife almost forced him to go out of Iran. They thought he can work there like in Iran and can have a good income and they can live in USA like they live in Iran. Mr. Sasani come alone to the USA and tried to work here. First he did not have his papers, so he should work as a worker until he prepared his papers and got the teaching certificate to be teacher in the USA.  It took over four years until he could do all the paperwork and could bring his entire family to the UAS. He hired an expensive attorney and paid a lot of money from his wages to him until he could get the permanent visa and could put application for bringing his family here. Now Mr. Sasani is sitting opposite me is over eighty years old and all his hair is white like snow. The snow of oldness covered all his face and all his hair, you cannot see any black hair in his face or in his eyebrow or in his arms. Everything is white and shiny white.  The love and friendship still was coming from his sad face. His eyes are full of water and the liquid is falling down from his face to the ground.  He said Amir Jan you are like my son, I did not do anything for you, and I was just your teacher, but you are so faithful and always have visited me. I wish all people were like you. The system not only destroyed our lives, but our live and friendship as well. Look my children do not even call me and they do not even visit me. I did everything for them but in the time that they are successful and powerful, they forget me completely. I looked at the face of Mr. Sasani and see the love and interest in his face. I remembered him that he passed a very hard life here to prepare a good life for his children. He worked as a truck driver, salesman, butcher until he could be accepted as a college teacher here. After a while because he had accent, they reduce his classes, but he started to teach also in the public schools, but in the public school the students are not like Iran or Europe, they do not take high school seriously and they want to have more fun as learning.  So he was not successful in American high school he was in love with Iran and he wanted to teach Iranian students in that field he had experience, but here the system did not respect him so much as he was from Middle Eastern country. They called him in the high school camel rider teacher. He was very beloved teacher in Iran, the students and their parents loved him and respect him so much, but here they ignored him. The American students in high school are free not to learn and the teacher is not important for them, even their parents do not respect the teacher and ignore him, may be because he was from Iran had more trouble than American teacher.


The student said bad word about him, and did not respect him and the school system supports the students and their parent and not him. Even they say indirectly they do not want to have a terrorist teacher. He spend all his income for his family and tried so hard to bring all of them here and he did his promise, but his children did not do what they should do to a father like him. They were after a while like Americans without any sensitive feeling and without love and they changed to be materialists. Because he was not Bahai, the Bahais did not support him, too. They treat him like a terrorist Moslem and also some of his family who were Bahai robbed him, too.


The wife of Mr. Sasani as she came here got a boy friend and with the help of Bahais cancelled his marriage with him and she took all the children with herself and went to the court and got the child support for them from Mr. Sasani.  Mr. Sasani told her, that he will pay, but the wife preferred to go to the court and bring him down. He told me, even my children do not come to me as a father I did everything for them and paid them as far as I could, because I wanted them to be successful. I destroyed my own life to make a better life for them. I could make good money in Iran, and they could not earn one penny there. But here they are successful and make a lot of money. One of his daughters was a famous dentist and the other daughter was a hospital doctor. His son, one of them was computer engineer and the other one had M S in business and was a rich merchant. Who did not go further was Mr. Sasani. He gave everything what he had to the children, and they left him. He had now just a tiny retirement and said he will go back to Iran.


The children as long as they needed him were nice with him, but in the time that they thought , they do not need him left him completely. They did not call him at all and in the time he called them, they ignored him. First they had the excuse that they have a lot of materials to learn and have no time for him. But with the time, they cut the whole connection with him. I remembered the Baba Gurio or father Curio of Balzac that he gave his daughters everything he had, and they put him on the street or in the bagger’s house.  He said, Amir Can you see how America make the people without any sense?  And make the people like machine who can think about money business and money or sex. In Tehran they were so connected to me and I brought them here with so many difficulties, my wife showed me a lot of love and passion in Tehran , but here they gone and did not looked after their back any more. I tried so hard as you remember and I did all their paperwork and paid so much money to the attorney and other costs and now they are all doctors or engineers, but they think, I brought them to the next city of Tehran which is Old Ray or Shah Abdolazim. Now my old teacher was crying bitterly from the cruelty of his family. , he worked more than fourty five years and now he had nothing left. If there was not the so called Islamic revolution in Iran, he could be a professor and could get a nice retirement and he could have respect and love from his family, but now he was like a prisoner in a very small room and with his typewriter and with his book. And force to live with his small retirement in the USA because most of his work was in performed in Iran.


But he was happy that his children are all of them rich and with good education and with good work. But they were influenced by the mother and her family who were from a low class family in Iran, who can only respect money and they respect also academic people only because they make good money, if they do not make good money, they do not even respect them. After fourty years of good work with high salary in Iran, now he should live in a very poor condition and have contact only with poor law class Americans. The professor who was so beloved in Iran, now live here like a epilepsy person without any visitors and without any contacts. His family after, they robbed him released him and go away from him. And his family left him, because he does not have a good salary like in Iran. I hole his hands in my hand and said you are my professor and my teacher. You are my spiritual father and please accept me as your son. I will come to you, and you can call me when ever you need me. With a bitter laugh he said. I know Amiri you are not like other people. You stayed pure and human. You did not change like my own children. But you see how capitalism or colonialism had changed us?  You see how they destroyed my family and me. I could not marry a normal girl in my level and I could not marry in the time I was young. I was not rich and born in a family with two religions.  I marry a girl whom parents were not educated; they had only finished the elementary school. So the thinking was very slow and low in them. They could understand only money and welfare. The books and knowledge was useless for them. Many time, my father-in-law told me, if you did buy gold instead of books, you were now a rich man. Or if you bought lot of real sated instead of this huge library, you had now a lot of capital. You cannot sell your book with a good price, but if you did buy gold, you could see them now and my daughter could have a much better life now. The children of his because of the influence of ignorant grand parent did not respect his own father and the father was a loser for them. The professor of mine brought all of them to the USA and now all of them have good degrees and good jobs, but they ignore their father who did everything for them as far as he could. And they expect more and more. They said if their father took bribe in the time he had a good position, now they could have a better life here in the USA. So please look that is the life in the land of possibilities which burn the route of love and kill all the humanity sense. The son says viva money and or money is taking to me only? 

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