The Geopolitical Agenda behind the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize

With almost flawless political timing, the
Nobel Peace Prize Committee of the Norwegian Parliament announced the
giving of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize to Chinese critic, political
activist Liu Xiaobo. The announcement came just as US Treasury Secretary
Timothy Geither was upping the pressure on the government of China to
agree to a substantial revaluation of the Yuan, a move that would do
little for the embattled dollar but cause great harm to China’s economy.
The Nobel Prize theater is part of an escalating long-term pressure
strategy of Washington against China.


The award of the
was clearly no coincidence of events. Rather it must be understood in
my view as a calculated part of a long-term strategy, not from a few
members of the Norwegian Parliament, but from the leading elite circles
of the world’s hegemonic power, the United States, to break China’s
stride to become a sovereign and leading world economic factor. From

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