Right now a 32- year-old Iranian man from the city of Yazdi is enduring the unendurable. According to the radio report broadcasted by IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, pursuant to a “court order” he had his hand chopped off in front of other prisoners.

To terrorize the fed up population, Islamist Rapists have increased the tempo of their limb chopping and other Islamist barbarities.

For his many crimes, Charles Taylor, the former leader of Sierra Leone, is currently facing justice at the International Criminal Court in Hague. As a tactic to frighten his victims, Taylor used to have their right hands chopped off.

There will come a time when  Islamist Rapists and their supporters will face the wrath of their many victims. Lets hope when that time comes, it will be in a judicial venue as it is for Charles Taylor.




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