NIAC lobby answer!

Whenever the lovely NIAC lobby or one of its cyber defenders care to or have the time, please answer the following simple question.

Even though the NIAC lobby is on the record opposing U.S. money for democracy activists in Iran, NIAC lobby has gotten and or is getting some of its funding from U.S. based foundations some of which are partially funded by U.S. tax payers. If that is a wrong statement of fact, please correct me.

The recent news report that NIAC lobby’s Chief lobbyist and irreplaceable lifetime president is doing some work for U.S. State Department. If he is compensated in anyway, be it the cost of lodging alone, that constitutes working for.

Now the question:

Why is it ok for the NIAC lobby to be supported by U.S. and not others with different agenda than what NIAC lobby has been advocating, namely making nice with the Islamist Rapists?

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